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Lindy Blanchard Co-Founder

Lindy  Blanchard

About Lindy Blanchard

P: (334) 387-1178

John and Lindy Blanchard founded 100X Missions, now the 100X Development Foundation, in 2004 with the hope of impacting the lives of children around the world. They are passionate advocates for the key issues supported by the organization, and have traveled throughout Africa, Asia and South America to meet with local partners to further 100X’s mission to foster creative solutions to eradicate poverty and its negative effects. As President, Lindy is actively involved in shaping and approving the goals and priorities of each program. 

A long-time volunteer and advocate for people with special needs, Lindy is on the advisory board for the Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians, a non-profit organization that provides safe and effective therapeutic horseback riding opportunities to children and adults with emotional, physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities. She has been an active volunteer for this and other special needs programs for more than 20 years. She is also involved with various local education programs, and works to help families who are interested in adoption. Lindy worked as an orthopedic nurse and surgical assistant for 11 years. 

Lindy received a bachelor of science in mathematics from Auburn University. John and Lindy have four children, including Gracie Mae who was adopted from China in 2007.