“Botto-lo! Botto-lo!”

I will never forget seeing those little faces running as fast as their bare feet could go, stretching out their little arms and screaming,

“Botto-lo! Botto-lo!” 

These were the sounds of the children we met on the road to Liwonde National Park in Malawi Africa with our study abroad team from Auburn University. 


How is it that these bottles we throw away everyday would be so desperately desired?

You can imagine our surprise when we found out that they have to walk more than a mile to get water from a borehole, so they use these bottles for storing their drinking water.The adults also use them for storing cooking oil or scraps of food.

These children were not running alongside our bus for ice-cream, candy, or toys but they begged for our empty used plastic bottles!

photo       photo (1)

It almost felt like a culture shock to be reminded that people in my own country live in conditions with little to survive on. It is a harsh reality. The main power lines disappeared in the distance, and not one home had running water.

I was immediately humbled when I realized that These children are from the poorest families of the nation of Malawi…

My home. 

They are part of the 74% who live with less than $1.50 per day.

They are part of the 15% who can’t go to school

and these children are part of the 1.4 Milllion

who are involved in child labor!

I know these statistics are true…but seeing the children face to face was a helpless feeling! We gave easily over 100 bottles that day to that village, but we still felt the weight of the situation as we slept in our chalets at our 5 star safari lodge.

However, in the midst of all this I saw HOPE.

I saw hope as we passed a school building with many children playing outside. I saw Hope in the small church  in the middle of the fields. I felt HOPE as the people waved and smiled at us.

I was hopeful because there are many organizations and countless sponsors that have come alongside 100X to instill hope in such devastated areas. The amount of time and resources that people have dedicated is immeasurable and has a huge impact in making a change in the world.

Knowing that our children from Mtendere Village were rescued from these statistics EMPOWERS us to keep fighting the fight against poverty, AIDS, slavery….

Please keep praying and rescuing THESE children with us!

If you are interested to join us in this important work and lend your skills and energy to protect children from poverty, please read about our sponsorship program.


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