Summer of Blessings: Mtendere Children’s Village Update

This summer has been one of continued growth and development for Mtendere Children’s Village in Malawi. Between March and August of this year, 100X was able to coordinate and send 6 teams to Malawi in order to meet specific needs of the Village. We would like to especially thank our teams that joined us from Auburn Church of Christ, Faulkner Christian University, Kusewera, Lipscomb University and the Sara Walker Foundation. We are so thankful to you for blessing us with your presence, hard work, and financial support this summer and for your partnership with us! Along with these teams, five members of the Mtendere Care Committee were able to travel to Malawi to oversee the summer projects and to evaluate how the programs of the village were running.


A major focus of the summer was on education. Most notably, we were able to complete our first group of ninth graders as well as completing the construction of a second school block! The new school block that cost $22,672 was completed in only 2 months. This beautiful new building is now being used for 9th and 10th grade at Mtendere Christian Academy, which is officially recognized as a private secondary school under the Ministry of Education in Malawi. We also celebrated the graduation of our 12th graders, and we are extremely excited to see what the journey holds for them as they prepare for colleges in 2016.

Graduation picture 2 Graduation picture

We are very thankful to have had the help of Lipscomb University School of Education, organize a teacher training seminar for our primary and secondary teachers. The Care Committee was able to develop and implement many new education policies in order to help our academic programs run smoothly.


Besides developments in education, we also received help in the areas of spiritual development, campus development, house mom training, sex education, and extracurricular programs. The children were able to participate in Vacation Bible School (VBS) and studied the Miracles of Jesus.   It is our greatest desire to see each child grow in faith as they discover the love of Christ and understand that they are adopted into a family that deeply cares for them.



As we come to the close of 2015, Malawi has projected a food shortage that will affect over half of the country. Our Major goal this year in the area of campus development is to increase our food produce. This summer, we were able to improve our gardens with the goal to harvest more vegetables and corn to allow Mtendere Village become more self-sustaining by the end of this year.


As we watch our children growing at Mtendere, we understand the great importance of sex education in a society where HIV/AIDS prevalence and teenage pregnancies are high. Teenage pregnancy, one of the top reasons for high school dropouts in Malawi, can hinder our youth’s education and future. We hope to break this cycle and ensure that our children understand the importance of abstinence. Through providing a safe learning environment, the care committee and house mothers took initiative to talk to the older boys and girls about sex education and dating relationships.

To close the summer off, the children participated in extracurricular programs that involved sports, physical education, singing and dancing, cooking, photography, and fashion.We have definitely seen  the village growing in numerous ways,and We are so thankful for what the Lord continues to do in Malawi. We grateful beyond measure to those who gave their time, money, and talents to our Mtendere family this summer. Thank you again to all who participated in a trip and we bless you and your families for what you have given to your Malawian brothers and sisters in Christ.

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