World Day for Social Justice

Boston and Mama Eunice

February 20 is recognized as World Day for Social Justice. The fundamental goal of this day is to advance social development and human dignity. This day helps raise awareness for social protection, human rights,  poverty reduction, and equal rights for women, children and other minorities.

The mission statement of 100X Development stands in line with this day that is to empower underprivileged children through the provision of food, clothing, education, as well as job training for a better and promising future.Our goal is to change the lives of orphaned children, help vulnerable youth escape trafficking, and to give mothers healthy nutrition and medical care so they can live to love their children.

On this day, 100X Development welcomes you to hold hands in our strife to advance social development and human dignity to all individuals that are casualties of social injustice, human trafficking and every other form of abuse. Let us demonstrate the love that Christ gave to us to those in need. May the Lord bless you as you take the time to pray for those in need.

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