Guest Blog: Residing in Clouds, by Rosalie Ruell

Picture taken by : Rosalie Ruell

Residing in Clouds

Roosters Crow
Presence Acknowledged
Fog Lifts
Sun Rising

Fires Kindle
Porridge Simmers
Bell Calling

Song of Birds
Foreign Chatter
Native Tongue
Community Gathering

Peaceful Valley
White Blossoms
Thoughts Vacate
Morning Greeting

Spirits Soar
Green Leaves, New Life
Bird Glides
Prayers Rising

Light Fills
Roofs Peek Through
Reside in the Clouds
More Are Coming

Sweet Air
Fresh Breath
Earth Glows
Peace Confirming

Rock Foundation
Single Flower, Forging Through
Dreams Prevail
Lives Linking

Busy lives
Set Aside
Stop and Notice
Fresh Perspective
Heaven Reflecting

I’ve known for a very longtime that I see the world differently than most. While others are seeing the big picture, I’m scrutinizing the details, looking at every color, size, shape and balance; I’m listening to sounds, considering scents, feeling nuances and emotions. I’m just figuring it out, when others are packing up to leave.

As a designer, my gift comes in very handy while I work to create spaces that will bring visual and emotional pleasure. These skills also compliment my ability to teach, helping me to know and recognize talents and tribulations of my students.

Moreover, my trip to Mtendere Children’s Village came alive in my mind and my heart, in ways that one cannot appreciate unless one experiences it firsthand. The people are simple, beautiful and wise beyond their years. The sights, the sounds, and the smells all add to the joy of the journey.

One of my favorite destinations was mornings spent in The Hut above the village. As I sat, I looked out over the valley filled with people I had come to love and appreciate, I noticed how the clouds had settled and were lifting with the sun rise. It was a visual representation of Heaven for me; I had to capture it with photography and words, but truly can only be appreciated in person.

Rosalie Ruell, 4th Grade ELA Teacher,  Nashville, TN

Lipscomb Education Missions Team teachers and Mtendere Primary School teachers: Malawi 2018


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