It’s All About Relationships!

Here at Mtendere, February is a month of celebration and remembering the faithfulness of God. Mtendere first opened its gates in February 16 years ago. Reflecting over the last 16 years has us thinking a lot about what makes Mtendere such a special place. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Mtendere, you know just how special it is. It is a place that changes you. But what exactly is so life-changing? Is the location? Is it the campus or the guest huts? The gorgeous sunrises? No, I’m sure if asked, everyone would agree that it is the people. The relationships formed at Mtendere are life-changing. 

We serve a God of relationships. He dwells Himself in the perfect relationship, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He even invites us into that relationship and allows us to live in friendship with Him. Still, He goes even further; He has created a social order that functions in relationships. God in His grace made us relational beings in His image, created to know love and friendship. 

For 16 years, Mtendere has been a ground marked by the miracle of relationships. Children have experienced a mother’s love, strangers have become siblings, and unexpected and unlikely friendships have been formed. It is a beautiful and humbling thing to reflect on the lives touched through the place we call Mtendere. 

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