Empowering Through Education

Troy Scholarship

At the end of January 2013, Lindy Blanchard traveled to Malawi to present scholarships to three girls who were recognized for their outstanding performance in the Malawi School Certification Examinations (MSCE).

Lindy Blanchard was contacted by Her Excellency, President Joyce Banda, about the dire needs of these three girls and Lindy assured her that 100X could find help for them.  100X and Troy University’s partnership in taking care of these three young ladies solidified when Dr. Jack Hawkins, the Chancellor of Troy University, joyfully provided a special international scholarship for four years for each young lady starting in the fall 2013.

The scholarships were presented in Malawi on 21st January, 2013. The President explained that it is one of her goals to empower young women through education. We are excited and honored to play a part in this vision and are extremely grateful to Troy University for making a great step to support this cause.

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Happy Valentine’s, but What If You Never Knew Love…

On June 30, 2005 I never imagined what our son, Daniel James’ future would hold, but I knew from THIS day forward, it would be brighter than his past.

He came from a village in Madisi with Traditional Authority from the Chakhazas.  After both of his parents died, his uncle took him in and provided shelter and what little food he had to offer.  Daniel herded cattle everyday instead of attending school.  When Daniel’s health began to suffer, our generous chief, Napoleon Dzombe brought him to Mtendere Village.

Most people ignored Daniel, because he was “too old” to be cared for or “tamed”  ….he was 14 when he came to us.  Of course we were warned not to add teenagers to our village, because of so many “issues” they would bring… BUT WE ASKED OURSELVES…. “WHAT IF…..”

WHAT IF it was US who had never known what a family was and then were thrown into a village full of strangers, rules, chores, three meals a day, a bed, clothing, school, and .…

LOVE  for the first time in our life?”

Just like any family, we had our groans & aches, mistakes & achievements. We are all so much better for it all! God gave us the patience, guidance, & wisdom to be the best family we could be for Daniel!

After seven years, I am happy to say that our Daniel has graduated from college and is now working as a general clerk for Mtalimanja Holdings Ltd.

   Dear Daniel-We are so proud of you! Please go out into the world and pay it forward in Jesus’ name!

James, Daniel                   Daniel James 2012

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