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OVC Education Initiative

Children—specifically orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)—are at the heart of everything that we do. Since 2004, we have been working to care for and empower children, and will continue to leverage that experience to create greater opportunity for every child in our programs.

OVC face a number of barriers that prevent them from achieving an education. Efforts to complete primary education are often derailed because of stigma and the pressure to work. The few who do complete primary school are often prevented from continuing on to secondary school (high school) because of a lack of financial resources and school supplies.

By providing high quality education, our children are given the opportunity to thrive and are no longer limited by their status as an orphan.

The initiative includes

  • Funds for secondary school paid directly to the school as well as clothing, school supplies and food given directly to the child and their family or host home;
  • Multiple job training and micro-enterprise opportunities that will increase employment opportunities; and
  • Service learning programs for education students that will place university students in Malawi to work directly with students and to provide in-service opportunities for teachers in Malawi.

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