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How To Get Involved

How To Get Involved

When asked for the key ingredient in each of our programs, everyone at 100X will give you the same answer. Partnership. Our mission is not a simple one and it would be impossible for us to even begin without the support of our partners.

Ranging from individual giving partners, students and volunteers to nonprofit, corporations, academic institutions and governments, our partners provide critical expertise and financial support. By leveraging this support, we are able to approach challenging issues with an integrated approach that compounds our influence. 

You can join us in this important work and lend your skills and energy to a future in which orphans receive education and opportunity, pregnant mothers live to love and nurture their children, and children are protected from exploitation and abuse.

The strengths that you share will help us make the difference. To learn more about our partnership opportunities and the LEVERAGE campaign, email Leverage@100XDevelopment.com.