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OVC Care

OVC Care

The needs for nutrition, shelter, education, health and life-skills around the globe are too great for simple addition; we must multiply our efforts to meet the challenge." –Lindy Blanchard

The impact of poverty, maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS presents a complex set of causes with one major outcome—children are orphaned and thrust into an environment with little opportunity or hope. Often left to find their own way, OVC are at great risk for many forms of exploitation and abuse—including labor and sex trafficking.

We have been working to care for and empower orphans since 2004, and will continue to leverage that experience to create greater opportunities for OVC across the globe. Through our work at Mtendere Village, near Lilongwe, Malawi as well through partnerships on five continents, we provide shelter, caring adult support, and education while working to empower each child to build a better tomorrow.

By providing a loving environment and high quality education, children are given the opportunity to thrive and are no longer identified by their status as an orphan. 

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