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OVC Care & Human Trafficking Prevention

The challenges facing India—poverty, malnutrition, lack of education, disease—are debilitating and directly impact the lives of the children there. According to UNICEF, there are currently 31 million orphans in India today—a number that is rising quickly. In 2006, 100X Development began a partnership with Reaching Indians Ministries International (RIMI) to reach the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) of India and help poor families care for their children. Through their Mercy Homes and Helping Hands program, RIMI is caring for more than 440 children.

The children of Mercy Homes are raised in a loving family setting where their physical and emotional needs are met and they are equipped for a successful future through education. These children, often rejected by society, are taught that they have hope and a future.

We have partnered with Reverend Saji Lukos to build two children’s homes in Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. These are now filled with children adopted into the RIMI family—some of whom were orphaned during the Tsunami—and a third orphanage in Nagpur is under construction.