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OVC CareHuman Trafficking Prevention

Tourists visiting the beautiful beaches of Cozumel often come and go without recognizing the desperate need lingering below the surface. They do not realize that Mexico is home to 1.5 million orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)—many of whom are living on the street.

In Mexico, there is no social safety net to protect these children. 50% of the people on the Yucatan are Mayan, and most do not prosper financially because of their unique language and inadequate education. 80% of the children do not complete the 8th grade. Ciudad de Ángeles is working to change this.

Ciudad de Ángeles is a children’s home on the island of Cozumel that offers comprehensive care to orphaned and vulnerable children in a safe and healthy environment—providing them with a path to a thriving and productive life. They believe that every child was created for a purpose, and are dedicated to providing them with the education and resources they need to achieve their goals and invest in their local communities.

Through our partnership with Ciudad de Ángeles, we have built four children’s homes that have provided them with the necessary living space to expand their outreach to over 30 children. A fifth home is currently under construction and will allow Ciudad de Ángeles to care for 10 more children.

Families in Poverty

Imagine not having the resources to provide a safe, secure home for your family. That despite your best efforts, the best home you could provide was comparable to a shack fashioned out of tarps—a home that you know will provide little protection from the elements. This is the unfortunate reality for parents across the globe, and in Mexico, we are working with Nathan and Charity Alpert and YUGO Ministries to help.

In 2010, Nathan and Charity, natives of Alabama, moved their family to Ensenada to work with the Mexican nations and the Oaxacan Indians, and fight extreme poverty in the area. In partnership with local pastors, YUGO identifies families in need and establishes a plan of assistance. Families that Nathan notes, "are NOT a statistic; they are a real family, with a real need." Often, this plan includes housing, and YUGO works with key partners to purchase supplies and construct a home that will make certain that parents have a safe place to raise their children. Even after the initial needs are met, YUGO continues to walk in relationship with every family and ensures that they are connected with a local church. Because of this investment, lives are transformed.

Through this partnership, we have committed to build two homes for families living in the Mexican community of El Zorillo (The Skunk).