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OVC Care & Human Trafficking Prevention

“450,000 women have disappeared from my country, and I or any other girl from Stella’s House could have been one of them.” – Galina

Human trafficking is without question one of the greatest challenges facing society today. Every day, young children become ensnared in this violent, deadly criminal enterprise, and it is estimated that 99% are never rescued.

In Moldova, traffickers prey on vulnerable girls and boys after they age out of orphanages at the age of sixteen. It is standard practice for them to receive a few dollars and a bus ticket to the town of birth listed on their birth certificate. They are approached by traffickers with promises of jobs and a safe place to sleep, but are met with the reality of prostitution, forced labor and abuse. Those who protest are raped and beaten until they comply. They are slaves at the mercy of their master.

Stella and Simon’s House. Named in honor of a life lost to this tragedy, Stella’s Voice was founded by Phillip and Chrissie Cameron as a way to prevent children from falling victim to traffickers. Instead of being abandoned to the streets, they are granted refuge at Stella and Simon’s House and are provided for in a family-style environment where programs are infused with a message that shares the love of Christ and the hope found in Him. Every youth is also provided with education and life skills to help them establish next steps.

Since 2006, 100X Development has had the privilege of coming alongside Phillip and Chrissie to expand the capacity of their programs. Together we have built three homes for teenage girls and boys at-risk.

Providence House. In early 2011, 100X partnered with Stella's Voice to renovate and open an orphanage in Cupcui, Moldova. With the renovations now complete, Providence House has opened its doors to children ages 3–16. Unlike the state-run institutions, the children of Providence are not treated as despised orphans, but as beloved children. They are safe, well fed, educated, and introduced to a God who loves them more than they can imagine.