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About Peru

OVC Care & Human Trafficking Prevention

In Peru, like in many developing countries, there is little capacity to care for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). In 2008, 100X began a partnership with New Life Children's Home. NLCH's founders, Mike and Chelene are passionate about bringing children out of “the worst of circumstances to a Home where they are loved and taught that they are special to God their creator.”

Mike and Chelene’s goal is to see each child adopted into a loving, Christian family, so that they can then continue the process of reaching more children. Children are cared for in a loving environment where they are not only given “rest for their bodies, but rest for their souls; not only peace in their lives, but peace in their hearts; not only food in their stomachs, but food for their souls; not only hope now, but hope for eternity; not only a home here, but a home in heaven.” The love of Christ is infused into everything that Mike and Chelene do.

Human trafficking and forced child prostitution is prevalent in Peru, and OVC are very quickly brought into the trade. This year, NLCH staff began an outreach to the women and children working in the sex industry—recognizing that many of them are victims of human trafficking.

NLCH’s reputation is such that when the government of Peru needed help to feed the children that have been placed in government-run institutions, they contacted Mike and Chelene. We consider this strong evidence that their footprint in the country is strong.

We have worked with Mike and Chelene to build their children’s home, and we also provide ongoing monthly support to help care for the children. To expand opportunities for volunteers, and build outreach capacity, we also assisted with construction on apartments for short and long-term volunteers.

Families in Poverty

Support for families in need is also a key component of Mike and Chelene’s work—this year alone, thousands of families received meals and groceries and houses were built for homeless women and children.