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OVC Care & Human Trafficking Prevention

The innocence of childhood should never be marred with uncertainty and fear, yet too often children are left to ask the question, “who will care for me?” Based outside Montgomery, Alabama, Adullam House has become a place of safety for dozens of children whose parents have been incarcerated.

After years of ministering in prisons in Alabama, Pete and Angie Spackman felt God’s call to care for the children of those who were in prison—firmly believing that without intervention, many of these children would become inmates themselves. Pete and Angie stepped out in faith and began to open their home. They did not know where the resources would come from, but they believed in the faithfulness of God and trusted that He would provide. He has truly blessed this ministry and provided beyond what Pete and Angie ever envisioned.

The time that each child spends at Adullam House varies, but each one is “adopted” into the family—Pete and Angie are vivid reflections of the love of Christ. In addition to food, clothing, and education, Pete and Angie believe that children should be allowed to experience the joy of childhood. Children at Adullam are loved and protected—and they are taught that their life has purpose. Very quickly, the vulnerability created by their past begins to lose ground, and they become less susceptible exploitation.

Encouraged by the important work of Pete and Angie, we provided the resources to build two homes that will allow them to expand their outreach. We also provide ongoing monthly support for the children.

Families In Poverty

Based on the Christian principle to, “love our neighbors as ourselves,” the founders of House to House determined that it was necessary to go where they are, live in community with them, and help to meet their greatest needs.  In 2009, this objective led them to Montgomery’s Washington Park.

House to House is a Christian mentoring ministry dedicated to transformation in Montgomery’s Washington Park, an under-resourced neighborhood on the west side of Montgomery, Alabama.  Originally established as a part of Common Ground Montgomery—a youth development ministry—the founders recognized the need for better housing and established House to House to meet that need.

As a first step, House to House purchased and renovated several abandoned homes. They also established classes on household budgeting and family mentoring relationships. Mentors walk alongside families, making sure problems are addressed before they become crises. Most importantly, however, the mentor shares the love of Christ with their family and helps build them into future mentors.

100X established a partnership with House to House in late 2012, and we have committed to help renovate several homes in Washington Park over the next year. 

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