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OVC Care and Human Trafficking Prevention

The vision for a program to care for the people of La Moskitia began to take root in Morgan Hayden’s heart during her first trip to the country in 2009. After a second trip the following year, when a six-month old baby girl made her way into Morgan’s life, there was no question that this was her calling.

After completing her college requirements, Morgan and her newly adopted daughter settled into a one room apartment and began implementing the vision behind Root Ministries—to establish below the surface relationships to bring a “hope and a future” to the people of La Moskitia.

To date, Morgan is caring for two children in her home, and is working to expand her capacity to care for 12 orphaned and abandoned children and raise them in her family.

Morgan is also operating the Kasaubila Feeding Program—a bi-weekly outreach program to more than 60 children living in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Puerto Lempira. Children who participate experience a time of recreation and Bible lessons, as well as a meal of rice, beans and oranges.

We are partnering with Root Ministries to provide a platform for their ministry and subsequently increase their ability to reach more children in La Moskitia.