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Gloria Starr Kins Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Society & Diplomatic Review

Gloria Starr Kins

About Gloria Starr Kins

P: (202) 509-6005

Gloria is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Society & Diplomatic Review (SDR), a United Nations accredited publication that serves as a directory of Ambassadors, UN Secretariat, and the Consular Corps. SDR covers diplomatic events and is the premier journal covering the UN. The publication is in partnership with MaximsNews Network, an online website dedicated to the UN community and global affairs. Gloria was a founding member of the well known “Breakfast for Leaders” located in Washington D.C., a forum for corporate leaders to discuss important issues impacting the business community, and to develop strategies to initiate global outreach for business expansion.

In addition, Gloria has been a long-time Society and Diplomatic Editor of Irish Connections magazine and Irish Examiner newspaper. She is also a veteran UN Correspondent, Society and Diplomatic Editor of the Greek newspaper, and a Correspondent for the Jewish Post newspaper. You will often find her work on various websites such as the German Mission to the UN and the UN Office for Partnerships.

Gloria has also served as Senior Editor of the Diplomatic World Bulletin and Society Editor of Tatler Magazine of London for the United States and Latin America. She represented WOR Radio and Television as head of their United Nations Operations, and later headed Curtis Publishing as Managing Editor for New York. She was an Associate Producer of NBC’s “Open Mind.”

Gloria is Vice-Chair of the Center for Global Action for Sustainable Development (CGASD), and she was a founding member of UNICEF's Manhattan chapter, the Islamic Council of Europe, and the Islamic Defense League in London. She was bestowed the prestigious entitlement of Comdr., Order of St. Stanislas, Dame of the Sovereign Mil., Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, as well as a Commander of Paraguay presented by El Presidente de la Republica del Paraguay.

Gloria served and continues to serve as Government Liaison and on the Board of Directors for the Infopoverty World Conference which seeks the full implementation of the Lisbon and Millennium Development Goals. Most recently, she helped head the 10th occasion of the conference for year 2010 which sought to study and analyze ways to break the digital divide in poor, remote areas in developing countries via International Organizations and European Institutions.

The Kins Group, of which she is President, provides publishing, executive intelligence, global consulting and public relations. The company's elite relationships, which have been built over years from results-driven policy, span all four corners of the globe.